Top 10 Nostradamus Predictions for 2018

By | December 17, 2017

1. US President Donald Trump Fires Robert Mueller and Puts Him in Jail Before Hillary Clinton

As of this posting, the similarities between Robert Mueller, who currently is investigating Trump, are striking, including Trump demanding Mr. Mueller reveal thousands of emails.

2. Bitcoin will surpass the $100k mark

Nostradamus predicted that the traditional concept of money will fall way to a more globalized means. Bitcoin, a digital currency, has taken the world by storm and at the very least serves as a digital store of value that be can be used to buy goods and services, along with other cryptocurrencies.It has broken the $20k mark already and appears to not slow down.

3. Bill Clinton will be Revealed to Have an Illegitimate Child

Considering his past relationship with Monica Lewinsky there’s no telling who else he “spent time” with. It makes sense.

4. World War 3 with North Korea

Tensions will rise with North Korea and her allies, leading to the fall of nuclear bombs and world war.

5. Russia Goes Back to It’s Communist Ties

Russia for the past 25 years has been a capitalist state on paper, with the fall of the Soviet Union. Unofficially it still has very communist leanings. 2018 may be the year when Russia becomes communist once again.

6. Brazil Becomes a Superpower

Brazil has the natural resources, technology, and innovation to be a superpower. Nostradamus predicted a surprise country from the south will become a world power.

7. Mars Colonization Begins Early Thanks to SpaceX

Early fund-cutting plus the anxiety to fly to Mars early may cause this to become a reality in 2018.

8. Blue Jays Win the World Series

Nostradamus predicted that a country with low morale and losing sports teams will boost it’s morale and economy via sports. The Toronto Blue Jays match this requirement.

9. A Cure for AIDS is Invented

Prep is the name

10. China will lead the way for better environmental policies

The Chinese are sick of their own atmosphere. They will close down factories and import clean air from either Canada or Brazil.